Collaborate outside the box
Peerdash is the Secure and Social Collaboration Platform that harnesses the power of your stakeholders
Peerdash is a secure ecosystem management and collaboration platform for multi-stakeholder environments
Industry, Government, and Academia all face the daunting task of communicating vast sums of knowledge by and between employees, stakeholders, customers and decision makers. Often multi-institutional, a company’s vital information can run the gamut from Intellectual Property to Public outreach.

Peerdash is built from the ground up for large-scale data collaboration – with a user-interface and experience as simple and familiar as Facebook. And, unlike other “collaboration software”, Peerdash is a complete system – from developing private IP to collaborative workflow and project management to publishing to the whole world!
Virtual Ecosystem & Content Management Peerdash: The Solution
We believe...
Knowledge management is the key to collaboration.

A knowledgebase must be accessible to - and leverage - all stakeholders.

Business should not have to sacrifice security for convenience.
Peerdash.com - the next-generation, secure collaboration platform for modern business, academia & government.

Our world-class team has a unique, forward-leaning blend of skills in: systems development, cyber-security, media, law, public sector, tech transfer and commercialization.

One of us even put a startup in space.
Jenna Kelly, J.D.

Rob Carr

Systems Architect
Maria Douglass

Programs & Ecosystems
Seyed Safakish

Board Chairman